IDRO Japan's Projects

IDRO Japan has been active in Tohoku since March, 2011 working in coordination with regional and national organizations.

IDRO Japan has sponsored over 15 relief trips from Kyoto. During these trips IDRO Japan:

  • Distributed initial post disaster relief supplies.
  • Distributed carpentry tools and power equipment.
  • Distributed electrical appliances, refrigerators, microwaves, electric fans and washing machines.
  • Demolished and repaired damaged buildings and homes.
  • Distributed and or installed 50 propane water heaters.
  • Assisted in preparing the town of Kitsunezaki for winter with heaters, household furnishings and bedding.
  • Remodeled and made operable several factories.
  • Built a bathhouse in Funakoshi.
  • Built one small building to house the Nagatsura Fishing Cooperative.
  • Organized thousands of hours of volunteer labor.
  • Tore down dangerous buildings in several communities.
  • Cut down and disposed of trees killed by salt poisoning.
  • Cleared kilometers of coastline of debris.
  • Repaired and rebuilt the shrine gates in Onosaki.
  • Restored stone monuments.
  • Shored and sandbagged riversides and drainage areas.
  • Assisted in the moving of homes and businesses.
  • Assisted in the preservation of factory equipment.
  • Repaired water-damaged furniture for private homes.
  • Repaired doors and windows, replacing glass and screen in several communities.
  • Removed and rebuilt floors in dozens of homes.
  • Removed countless tons of mud and debris from various locations.
  • Assisted in the restoration of Koganeyama Shrine on Kinkazan Island.
  • Distributed mosquito nets, mosquito coils, insect repellant, over-the-counter medicines, water and a multitude of other daily necessities.